Hoi An

About Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient town is located in Viet Nam’s central Quang Nam Province, on the north bank near the mouth of the Thu Bon River. In 1999 the old town was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO as a well-preserved example of a Southeast Asian trading port of the 15th to 19th centuries, with buildings that display a blend of local and foreign influences.

How we got there

From Da Nang we rented a private car via klook (Get $4 credit when you sign up with Klook!) It took approximately 50 minutes to get to this wonderful little town.

Where we stayed

We stayed at The Mansion Hoi An (specifically the Alex room), we chose this place because of its proximity to Old town Hoi An and of course, due to its gorgeous interiors and amenities.

I mean look at it, you’d feel like you’re transported to Morocco! The staff were helpful and were always available to assist us with all our needs.

How to get around.

You can either walk, rent a bike, or hire a scooter. We opted to have an adventure and got a scooter which only cost us 200,000VND ($9 USD) per day.

A quick note: you cannot park inside Old Town Hoi An from 9AM to 9PM. We learned this the hard way as our scooter was impounded when we parked it inside between these hours! There are designated parking areas around old town and it costs around 20,000 to 30,000 VND ($1 USD) for the whole day.

Tickets to the Old Town

There is an entrance fee of 120,000 VND ($5 USD) to get inside the Old town. Each ticket allows you to enter five sightseeing places. After that, if you wish to visit more, you’ll need to purchase additional tickets.

 You can get the tickets from the following stalls:

1.  Nguyen Thi Minh Khai street and Hem 19 Hung Vuong street intersection, near Wellspring Cafe

2.  Cong Nu Ngoc Hoa street, across the intersection from Cabanon restaurant

3.  Duong Cao Hong Lanh street on An Hoi island, near Song Hoai Square Bridge

4.  Duong Cao Hong Lanh street on An Hoi island, near An Hoi bridge

5.  Phan Chu Trinh street and Hai Ba Trung street intersection

6.  Tran Phu street (northwest end of the street), south of Phan Chu Trinh street intersection

7.  Tran Phu street and Bach Dang street intersection, near the Japanese Bridge

8.  Le Loi street and Tran Phu street intersection

9.  Tran Phu street and Nguyen Hue street intersection

10.  Tran Phu street and Hoang Dieu street intersection (Tourist Information Centre)

11.  Bach Dang street and Hoang Van Thu street intersection

The ticket allows you access to the all the streets within the Hoi An Old Town district, and admission to a number of historic buildings, also referred to as sightseeing places, including heritage buildings, as well as museums and a theatrical performance. Most ticketed buildings or monuments will have official ticket collectors manning the entry.

When you purchase a ticket, you will receive a map indicating the location and sights around the Hoi An Old Town district.

Also, I suggest you keep your ticket with you at all times in case an officer will check it.

What to visit in Old Town

Now that we got that sorted, let’s move on to what to visit when you are in Hoi An.

Chua Ba Mu Temple

Gam Museum 

Fujian Assembly hall

I’m not entirely sure what this place is called—But it’s very near the Japanese Bridge

Hoi An Vibes Only 

Faifo Café Rooftop vibes

92 Station

Japanese Bridge

Believe me when I say that you can see everything in half a day — provided that you start your day early.

Save the best for last…

On our second day we decided to take the night food tour via klook!

We sampled a variety of local cuisines, got foot massages, rode the night river boat, and ended the night playing traditional Bingo (This is definitely the highlight of the tour! Playing this traditional game is something I never thought I’d have so much fun in!)

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